LP has released two new videos for “Other People” and “Tightrope”

After the hit “Lost On You“, LP launches two new videos for “Other People” and “Tightrope“, songs which are included on her latest album. For the two videos, LP collaborated with director Chuck David Willis, who also produced the video for “Lost On You“.

Other people” stages a love story that is about to fall apart, while “Tightrope” describes strong bond and mutual feelings that two people can have. Both singles are included LP’s latest album “Lost on you“, released in 2016 that occupied the top position among iTunes in nearly 20 territories and was ranked in the top 4 global Shazam.

LP, or Laura Pergolizzi, was born in Long Island in ’81 and was discovered by David Loewry vocal of Cracker Band, who also produced the debut album “Heart – Shaped Scar”. Also, LP composed for artists like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Cher.

Follower of the indie rock, pop and alternative rock styles, LP has released till now 4 albums:

1. Heart-Shaped Scar – Released: 2001, by Label: Koch Records:

– “Perfect”
– “Love Somebody”
– “Heart-Shaped Scar”
– “Coming Home”
– “Long Time”
– “Kiss It All Goodbye”
– “Shut You Out”
– “Follow Me Down”
– “Insane”
– “When I’m Not with You”
– “Greenbriar”

2. Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol – Released: 2004, by Label: Lightswitch Records:

– “Wasted”
– “The Darkside”
– “All I Have”
– “Get Over Yourself”
– “Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol”
– “Little Death”
– “Change of Scenery”
– “Nowhere”
– “Never Was”
– “Heartless”
– “Cadillac Life”

3. Forever for Now – Released: 2014, by Label: Warner Bros. Records:

– “Heavenly Light”
– “Night Like This”
– “One Last Mistake”
– “Tokyo Sunrise”
– “Salvation”
– “Your Town”
– “Free to Love”
– “Levitator”
– “Someday”
– “Savannah”
– “Into the Wild”
– “Forever for Now”

4. Lost on You – Released: 2016, by Label: Vagrant Records, the album contains ten tracks:

– “Muddy Waters”
– “No Witness”
– “Lost on You
– “Tightrope
– “Other People
– “Into the Wild”
– “Strange”
– “Death Valley”
– “You Want It All”.

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